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We are company in every sense of the word specializing in factory and automation component and accessories, with HQ in Singapore and associate branches in major cities in Malaysia & Indonesia.

Our Mission

With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, holding to the core business value of "WE TREAT OUR CUSTOMERS AS HOW WE WANT TO BE TREATED". We have a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales executive providing excellent service at all time to their fullest. We carry wide variety of products required in the industry.

Specialized in Fabrication of All Kinds GEAR Products

Timing Pulley, Miter Gear, Spur Gear, Bevel Gear, Rack & Pinion, Worm Gear & Key Slot

Standard Parts Supply

Sprocket, Roller Chain, Lead Screw, Key Way, Ball Screw, Ball Bearing, Linear Bushing, Pillow Block.

PMI Linear Guideaway

High positioning accuracy, high repeatability

The PMI linear guideway is a design of rolling motion with a low friction coeffi cient, and the diff erence between dynamic and static friction is very small. Therefore, the stick-slip will not occur when submicron feeding is making.

Low frictional resistance, high precision maintained for long period

The frictional resistance of a linear guideway is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in
a slide guide. With a linear guideway, a well lubrication can be easily achieved by supplying grease through the grease nipple on carriage or utilizing a centralized oil pumping system, thus the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period.
High rigidity with four-way load design

The optimum design of geometric mechanics makes the linear guideway to bear the load in all four directions, radial, reversed radial, and two lateral directions. Furthermore, the rigidity of linear guideway could be easily achieved by preloading carriage and by adding the number of carriages.   

Suitable for high speed operation

Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the temperature rising effect is small even under high speed operation.     

Easy installation with interchangeability

Compared with the high-skill required scrapping process of conventional slide guide, the linear guideway can offer high precision even if the mounting surface is machined by milling or grinding. Moreover the interchangeability of linear
guideway gives a convenience for installation and future maintenance.

PMI Precision Ground Ballscrews

High reliability
PMI has accumulated many years experience in production managing. It covers the whole production sequence, from receiving the order, designing, material preparation, machining, heat treating, grinding, assembling, inspection, packaging and delivery. The systemized managing ensures high reliability of PMI Ballscrews.
High accuracy
PMI Ballscrews are machined, ground, assembled and Q.C. inspected under the constant temperature control (20℃) to ensure high precision of Ballscrews. accuracy inspection certifi cate.
Long durability

PMI Ballscrews are made of German Alloy steels, which are well quenching and
tempering treated for good rigidity, along with suitable surface hardening to ensure long durability.
High working efficiency
Balls are rotating inside the Ballscrew nut to offer high working efficiency.
Comparing with the traditional ACME screws, which work by friction sliding between the nut and screw, the Ballscrews needs only 1/3 of driving torque.
It is easy to transmit linear motion into rotation motion.
No backlash and with high rigidity
The Gothic profile is applied by PMI Ballscrews. It offers best contact between
balls and the grooves. If suitable preload is exerted on Ballscrew hence to eliminate clearance between the ball nut and screw and to reduce elastic deformation, the ballscrew shall get much better rigidity and accuracy.

PMI Rolled Ballscrews


The production of the PMI rolled ballscrews has adopted a manufacturing process and equipment unlike other manufacturers. Combining advanced skills and the Bad Düben digital electric screw thread rolling machine, we adhere to a strict quality control policy at every stage of production, from the selection of ballscrew material and rolled processing to induction hardening heat treatment and post production. We are committed to providing clients with products of the best quality.

The combination of rolled ballscrews and ground nuts has replaced the traditional ACME screws and trapezoidal screws. This makes for a smoother operation while lowering friction and backlash. Moreover, the new technology has the advantage of faster production speed and lower prices.

Besides differences in the definition of lead deviation and geometric tolerance, rolled and ground ballscrews can both eliminate axial play by preloading. Please contact us for related technical information.    


    • Nuts are Interchangeable    • High Precision Rolled Nuts

Yamada® Linear Ball Bushing

  • Widely used in precision machinery, fitness equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, medical and food machinery, textile machinery automation line, all kinds of form a complete set of machinery and equipment etc.
  • High friction resistance of good quality ball bushing can get high precision rotating in the smooth movement.
  • Fixed in the process of mechanical transmission and reduce the load coefficient of friction.

Linear Motion Bearing (LM-UU)

Type 1: Straight (shapes such as cylinders, spring is commonly used in installation, for special occasions requiring small installation size)

Linear Bearing Adjustable Type

Type 2: Flange (end or intermediate flange, with installation can use screw to install, general component is circular flange, square and trimming type three)

Linear Bearing Open Type

Type 3: Open type (shape, such as straight, appearance has axial slitting, used to need clearance adjustment, large openings and small openings)

Linear Bearing Long Type Series (Metric Dimension)

Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, pull tester and the digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring device, such as precision equipment, as well as multi-axis machine tools, press, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packaging machines and other industrial machinery sliding components